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sábado, 14 de abril de 2012

A LUTA DO HAMAS - Ahmad Yassin - Why Hamas fight

SHIEKH AHMAD YASSIN - Fundador do Hamas - Movimento Islâmico de Resistencia

Quadriplegic, half blind 70+ years old
Israel assassintaed him on 22 March 2004 using a hellfire missile
11 other people were killed

"Our homeland is stolen
I have a home and a land
 in Askalan (Ashkelon)
others in Yafa (Jafa), Gaza

We ask for our right ... nothing more

We don't hate the Jews and
fight them because they are Jews

They are people of religion and
We are people of religion

We love all people of religion

If my brother who has the same
religion and parents as me ...
If he takes my home and
expels me from my land ...
I will fight him
I will fight my brother
I will fight my cousin if he does that to me

So when a Jew takes
my home and expels me
I will fight him as well

I don't fight the USA,
Britain or other countries
I am at PEACE with all people
I love all people and wish them well
Even the JEWS ...

The Jews lived with us for a long time
We never assaulted them ...
or transgressed on their rights
They used to hold high position
in the government and ministries
but if they take my home and ...
make me a refugee ...
We have 4 million Palestinian
refugees outside Palestine

Who has more right in this land?

The Russian immigrant who left
this land over 2000 years ago?
Or the one who left it 40 years ago?

Who has more right?

We don't hate the Jews
We want only them to give us our rights".

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