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sexta-feira, 13 de abril de 2012


A winner is a human who never gives up dreaming!
Ciao Vittorio - we continue our dream.
Anti-occupation, anti-oppression, anti racist, anti-apartheid...

Against injustice; we ask for HUMANITY and EQUALITY for all people no matter what kind of ethnicity, sexual affectations, skin color, believes...

Is this so difficult to understand?

End the siege on Gaza and demolishing of the apartheid wall. Behave like human beings and live together in one State like other civilized multicultural societies!

Vittorio Arrigoni... You rest in peace Brother. Know we will continue the struggle for human rights in your name. Know that you have inspired the worlds good people. You have opened our hearts and touched our souls. You did not die in vein. My heart goes out to your wonderful Mother, Family and great friends. My heart also goes out to all the Palestinian families, that have lost, Family, a mother, father, and children. You are not alone, the world is watching. We feel your pain. Freedom Now.

Bellissima canzone, bellissima persona! Vittorio Arrigoni sei un eroe! ... diffondiamo i tuoi reportage, leggiamo il suo libro... denunciamo quel che accade in palestina... onoriamolo cosi, portando avanti, nel nostro piccolo, la sua grande missione, il suo sogno, la sua lotta per i diritti civili. ciao vittorio!

Ismaël Haniyeh Prime Minister of the government of the Movement of the Islamic Resistance, in Gaza decreed Vittorio Arrigoni National  Hero of the Palestinian People, and ordered National day of morning on Wednesday day of his(her) repatriation towards Italy.
Al Jazeera source

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