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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012


Family Jewel - The Wedding of Aisha Gaddafi and Her Late Husband, Ahmed
Jóia de Família - O casamento de Aisha Gaddafi e seu marido, Ahmed

This video shows rare footage of photos of young Muammar Gaddafi, his wife Safiyah, and Aisha during her childhood years.

Pictures of Aisha as a child posing with Yasser Arafat and and later as a young woman with President Saddam Hussein are also in the video.

 The video has footage of the fabulous wedding of Aisha and Ahmed.

 Her young husband was killed during the NATO invasion of Libya along with one of her children.

 The wedding has a fairy tale undersea mermaid motiff.

You will notice the couple sitting upon a golden couch during their wedding nuptials.

This is the "golden mermaid" couch that was seen in pictures taken by the NATO insurgents in AIsha's home during "Operation Mermaid Down".

 It is sad to think this is all she had left to recall happiers days when her life was full of promise.

Unlike the manner in which Gaddafi and his family have been villianized in the press, these photos show a loving father daughter relationship, and young people enjoying a normal, happy life in days gone by.

So sad that NATO and it's western allies have destroyed that happiness and brought terror to Libya.

Please share this video so that people will come to know that the libyan people have the same hopes and dreams as they do and just want to live their lives like any other people in peace.

The struggle continues.. onward!

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