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Download and distribute these beautiful posters made for us by Artist Michael Thompson


Here are some resources to assist with your organizing efforts around the Gaza Freedom March:

~~>Wonderful new "Gaza in Crisis" factsheet put together by the staff of AFSC Chicago.
Download it here.
~~>A flyer with a box at the bottom in which information on local events, etc. can be inserted.
Download it here.
~~>A quarter-page flyer for the march can be
downloaded here.
~~>A list of individuals who have traveled to Gaza who are willing to speak at events to help recruit support for the Freedom March. View or download it
here. If you cannot pay one of these speakers' travel expenses and and want to explore alternatives, e-mail
~~>A "header image" for posters, invitations to a fundraiser, etc. Download it
~~>Artwork for Gaza Freedom March buttons. Simply print, cut and assemble. Download it


The International Coalition to End the Illegal Siege of Gaza formed after Israel's 22-day assault on Gaza in winter 2008-09.

We are a diverse coalition that represents all faiths (and no faith) and is focused on human rights in conformance with international law.

To mark the fact that is has been one year since the Israeli attack, the coalition is mobilizing an international contingent for a nonviolent march alongside the people of Gaza on Dec. 31, to end the illegal blockade.

The coalition conceives this march as part of a broader strategy to end the Israeli occupation by targeting nonviolently its flagrant violations of international law from the house demolitions and settlements to the curfews and torture.

Gaza Freedom March Coordinating Committee (CC)

This committee is charged with making strategic and policy decisions related to the march.

Medea Benjamin is cofounder of Global Exchange and CODEPINK:

Women for Peace, and has helped organized five trips to Gaza since February 2009.

Felice Gelman works on Palestine issues with WESPAC Foundation. She is on the board of the Friends of the Jenin Freedom Theatre, and recently organized a New York area delegation to Gaza.
Mirene Ghossein has served on various human rights and cultural organizations in both Lebanon and the U.S. She is a member of Adalah (Arabic for Justice) NY, the Middle East Committee of WESPAC Foundation and Alwan for the Arts.
Abdeen Jabara is a Michigan-born lawyer and former president of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (1986-1990).
Dina Kennedy is a member of American Palestinian Women's Association and a U.S. coordinator for Free Gaza.
Ehab Lotayef is a Montreal-based writer and engineer, and a veteran activist in the struggle for Palestinian rights.
Nancy Murray is president of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation and a long time activist for civil and human rights
Oruba Rabie is a Palestinian-American graduate student at New Jersey Institute of Technology and a writer for the "Arab Voice" newspaper.
Ann Wright is a retired U.S. Army Colonel, former U.S. diplomat who resigned in opposition to the Iraq war and co-leader in 2009 of three CODEPINK delegations to Gaza and one delegation to the Occupied Palestinian Territories.
Gaza Freedom March Liaison Committee (LC)
This committee consists of the chairpersons of the various working committees.
Max Ajl is a writer, graduate student in political science and member of the Israel-Palestine Committee of Brooklyn for Peace. He is co-chair of the Media Outreach Committee.
Ali Glenesk is a fourth-year UC Berkeley student concentrating in Arabic and global poverty and was a lead organizer of the May 2009 40-person student delegation to Gaza. She is the contact person for the Gaza Freedom March Student Coordinating Committee (SCC).
Ali Mallah is vice president of the Canadian Arab Federation in Ontario, a member of the steering committee of the Canadian Peace Alliance, and a founding member of Trade Unionists Against War and the Coalition to Stop War. Ali is the contact person for the North American Muslim/Arab Community Outreach Committee.
Nadia Hijab is a syndicated columnist, author, public speaker and media commentator. She has served as co-chair of the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation and is a past president of the Association of Arab American University Graduates.
Mark Johnson,
PhD, is executive director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation/USA. He is co-chair of the march's Interfaith Outreach Committee.
Sayel Kayed is a Palestinian-American and an active member of American Muslims for Palestine. He helped organize the last Viva Palestina convoy to Gaza, July 2009. He is chair of the Arab-American Outreach Committee.
Dave Kunes is a communications associate at the national office of Peace Action. He is chair of the Internet Outreach Committee.
Gael Murphy is co-chair of the legislative committee of United for Peace and Justice and a cofounder of CODEPINK. Murphy is the contact person for the Elected Officials Outreach Committee.
Pam Rasmussen is on the steering committee of Peace Action Montgomery and was an International Solidarity Movement volunteer in the West Bank. Rasmussen is the contact person for the Peace and Justice Outreach Committee.
Sandra Ruch is the Canadian coordinator for the march. She lives in Toronto and is the administrative coordinator for the Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, on the steering committee of Independent Jewish Voices and Gaza coordinator for CODEPINK Toronto.
Ziyaad Lunat is the contact person for the European Outreach Committee. He is an activist for Palestine and a former BBC journalist. He was the head of the Palestine Society at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He can be contacted at
Committee Contact Info:
Peace and Justice Outreach Pam Rasmussen
North American Muslim/Arab Outreach Ali Mallah
Gaza OutreachOruba
Media Max Ajlmax@gazafreedommarch.orgBrad
Fundraising Felice
Internet Outreach Dave Kunes davegazafreedommarch@gmail.comBasem Emara basem@gazafreedommarch.orgSarah Mahmoud
Student Outreach Ali
Elected Officials OutreachGael Murphy
International OutreachSandra
European OutreachZiyaad
Government Liaison and Logistics in Gaza/Egypt Ann
Interfaith OutreachRabbi Lynn Gottlieb rabbilynn@earthlink.netMark Johnson
Artist/Cultural Outreach Fatoosh

Flotilla Attacked!

Israel has used military force on the peaceful, humanitarian flotilla and murdered several unarmed civilians. This was not a confrontation, this was a massacre!

The Emergency Response Plan is in effect.

This includes planned protests at all Israeli embassies worldwide.

Let Israel know that it cannot get away with its crimes against humanity!

In response to Israel's of launching a military attack or naval blockade on the convoy, the Gaza Freedom March has issued the following Emergency Response Plan!

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